I have over 10 years experience producing, writing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering and doing live sound. 

As a child in Vancouver, I experimented with my parents VCRs, 8mm video camera and record player, making rudimentary films with overdubbed sound.

As a teenager I began to play guitar, before making it my goal to collect as many different instruments as possible.

I have been working with DAW’s and computer audio since my first 386 DOS computer.

In 2003, during my time studying music and sound at The Arts Institute of Vancouver I began working with large PA systems at concerts and events.

After completing my studies I continued to work as a freelance engineer while learning about cinematic music production and building a library of music.

I am very happy and grateful to have had the chance to work with every one of the amazing artists and engineers over these past years!


Vancouver, Canada.

Producer – Engineer – Composer